EWG Series of sensors


EWG02 Wireless sensor

        EWG02 Wireless vibration sensor is a new type acquisition system for vibration data, which based on Zigbee protocol and self-organized to form star network topology.

        EWG02 wireless vibration sensor is simple and convenient to use, the transmission mode of wireless digital signal eliminate the noise jamming from the long distance cable transmission, the whole measure system is capable with extremely high measurement accuracy and anti-interference ability.

         Each SDC-W01 Wireless gateway maximally connects 40 EWG02 wireless vibration sensors, sensors can be managed between different SDC-W01 wireless gateways, and channel numbers could isolate the adjacent networks.


Zigbee Wireless transmission


It could realize wireless transmission of measure value for single-axial acceleration, speed, displacement and temperature, wireless transmission of vibration waveform; and program could define transmission and sample interval.


  Low power consumption design; 3.6V battery; the continuous working time more than 1 year (acquire 1 eigenvalue per 30 minutes, 1 time domain waveform per 24 hours)


Industrial anti-explosion design  Ex ia IIC T4 Ga


EWG01P Wireless sensor

        The point inspection process is completed through the way of manual periodic monitoring with hand-held inspection instrument, the point inspection instrument were easily fail by broken sensor cable, and electrical failure by frequently plug and charge. However, wireless sensor solution could solve these problems easily.

        EWG01P could be widely used in electricity, chemical, cement, water affaires, to realize the function of equipment monitoring and health condition evaluation through the function of acquiring the eigenvalue and waveform of vibration acceleration, speed, displacement and the function of infrared temperature measurement.

Industrial-grade protection

Pass experiment of 1.5m anti-fall, anti-pressure and anti-seismic

Anti-electromagnetic interference, and adapt to all kinds of complex industrial fields

  CE certificate of EU

Intrinsic safety type industrial anti-explosion grade, Anti-explosion grade Ex ib IIC T5 Gb

Meet the requirement of anti-explosion site (Zone 1, Zone 2) for point check



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