Electricity equipment health optimization


Electricity equipment health optimization

        To build an integrated "equipment health optimization system".  Through setting up system, make full use of the patrol and point inspection, SIS and TDM data, by means of information technology to carry out the comprehensive monitoring of equipment condition, Real-time detection of equipment fault generation, development, change of the whole process, run trend forecasting of equipment condition, analyze and diagnose failure cause, grasp equipment real health condition, reduce underrepair and overrepair, positive practice equipment preventive maintenance or condition overhaul, ensure equipment unit run for a long period of time with safety, stability and high quality

Overall perception of equipment information:


Build complete data acquisition system, acquire security big data+ management big data + process big data.



Intelligentization of equipment diagnosis


Develop unique technologies (Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic pressure, process ) to realize fault essence feature extraction, fault identification, modeling early warning.

  Equipment total lif