Health condition monitoring and evaluation for pump

        PHMS Pump health condition monitoring and evaluation system realizes multi-source heterogeneous data acquisition, analysis and remote maintenance service through the establishment of the big data management and remote diagnosis maintenance platform of equipment, thus to realize total circle closed-loop management of equipment management. The system realizes fault fining identification and diagnosis of equipment through specific technologies which contain temperature normalization, pump health comprehensive evaluation and big data early warning. Using intelligent diagnosis expert system technology to ensure automatic, accurate and remote diagnosis. Eventually realizing predictive maintenance, comprehensive intelligent diagnosis to ensure the safety of the pumps and “ZERO ACCIDENT”. 


Water conservation


Raw water


Drainage water


Sewage water

Intelligent Water plant

Intelligent production system

Intelligent production management system

  Intelligent raw material management system

Intelligent equipment management system

Intelligent office system

Intelligent security system

  Intelligent environment control system

Intelligent maintenance system

Intelligent construction monitoring system

The value we bring to customers

Intelligent fault alarm

Avoiding major accidents occur

Improve operation efficiency

Reduce unscheduled shutdown of equipment

Release productivity

Reduce enterprise comprehensive cost

Realize predictive maintenance

Improve comprehensive operation and maintenance efficiency

Energize intelligent manufacture

Enhance enterprise intelligence level

PCM Equipment condition management system


Equipment total life circle management system 


Typical cases

Qingcaosha NO.5 ditch pump station

  1. The biggest in Asia and the second biggest pump   station in world
  2. 24 4800KW Vertical axial flow pumps
  3. Daily treatment 719 tons of raw water and in charge of 14 water plants.
  4. The system started up in 2012 with outstanding     performance.

Shanghai white dragon port sewage plant

  1. The biggest sewage water plant
  2. Daily treatment 280 tons sewage water
  3. 6 vertical axial flow pumps
  4. It was put in operation in December 2016

Taierzhuang pump station of South-North Water Transfer Project

  1. The biggest pump station of the east line in South-North Water Transfer Project
  2. Designed pumping capacity is125m3/s
  3. 5 2400KW vertical axial flow pumps
  4. Realize optimized scheduling with high efficiency    for pump station.

Shaoxing xiaoshunjiang water pumping station

  1. Sahoxingshi government controlled pump station
  2. 4 2000KW horizontal centrifugal pumps
  3. Put in operation in July 2019