Intelligent Manufacture


Industrial background

        Following the development trend of “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”, it is an inevitable choice for enterprises to develop and transform to digital and intelligent direction. Motor, pump, fan, gearbox and other equipment are the most widely used rotating equipment in the industrial field. The safety and efficiency of equipment operation is the key to the production and development of enterprises. After the equipment sold out, the equipment manufacturers, on the one hand, lack of effective tracking, cannot really understand the actual operation of their own production equipment in the field; at the same time, when the equipment fault, because different equipment parts of one whole equipment from different manufacturers, which often blame each other. On the other hand, the equipment manufacturers also lack fault data support in the process of improving the design and manufacturing process, so they cannot propose targeted improvement measures. The operation and maintenance service department of the equipment manufacturers cannot make scientific spare parts and maintenance plans due to the lack of fault monitoring of on-site equipment.


Set up the enterprise digital operation center of the equipment manufacturer.

The comprehensive evaluation model is established by monitoring the process parameters of the equipment such as vibration, electrical and temperature, so as to represent the health status of the equipment in good condition, availability and maintenance, and realize the digitalization and intelligentization of the health condition of the equipment during operation.

Realize edge computing and cloud uploading of device data. Edge computing can directly handle most of the Internet of things tasks in the vicinity with the computing and processing capacity of edge devices, which not only can reduce the workload of the data center, but also can respond to the different states of edge devices in a more timely and accurate manner, making edge devices truly intelligent.

 For specific equipment diagnosis knowledge base model is established, based on information fusion of intelligent expert diagnosis, timely report abnormal equipment diagnosis, greatly reduce unplanned downtime of equipment, realize the optimization of operating cost, at the same time, improve equipment manufacturers after-sales service ability and the work efficiency, to realize optimization of product design and production process.

Equipment data sharing to the cloud, EXPERT can provide professional, high-quality remote manual expert diagnosis services, further for the safe operation of equipment escort.

Customer value

         The digitalization and intelligentization of equipment is the foundation for enterprises to establish intelligent workshops and factories. EXPERT intelligent manufacturing auxiliary products provide basic intelligent units for end users to establish intelligent workshops and factories, so as to enhance the influence of equipment manufacturers in the field of intelligent manufacturing and in the industry.


        EXPERT intelligent manufacturing products support real-time monitoring of the running condition of equipment, and remind the end user of equipment maintenance in a planned way to reduce the attendance frequency and service cost of after-sales service; When the equipment appears the anticipated failure symptom, can automatically generate the failure prediction report, reduces or avoids the equipment failure to cause the loss; At the same time, the fault type can be diagnosed, targeted arrangement of maintenance personnel, improve the quality of after-sales service, increase user viscosity. The platform system can reduce the size of after-sales service team, improve the efficiency of equipment inspection and maintenance, reduce service cost, improve user satisfaction and enhance brand competitiveness.


         Equipment terminal application of the enterprises often have an equipment management system, which has collected and stored the operation data of equipment. Such data information cannot be effectively imported into equipment manufacturers for effective data mining and analysis. Intelligent cloud platform using cloud technology to real-time monitor the running status of equipment, and to establish a complete model of equipment diagnosis data to deal with the running data analysis, statistical equipment failure positions and failure causes that easy to have, to optimize structure design of equipment and the production process, improve product quality and market competitiveness.


        At present, the country gives a lot of policy and financial support in the process of intelligent manufacturing development. Intelligent equipment is the basis for the development of intelligent manufacturing, development of smart devices not only conform to the state and direction of enterprise development, and promote enterprise from product to provide "product + services" marketing model transformation, improve the enterprise profit model, expand industry influence, leading the industry development direction, to achieve "one step first, step by step first ", facilitate the rapid development of enterprises.