Congratulations on EXPERT's success in obtaining the European Union CE certificate



Recently, after the strict examination by the certification authority, the PAMS, PDES, SDC and EWG series products independently developed by EXPERT have successfully obtained the European Union CE certification, which indicates that EXPERT’s products meet the requirements of the relevant EU directives and have obtained the sales license in the European market. CE certification as the EU entry "pass", has always been known for high standards and strict requirements. This CE certification not only strongly confirms the strong technical strength and excellent product value of EXPERT, but also lays a solid foundation for entering the international market.

Looking forward to the future, and ready to develop. EXPERT will take this as an opportunity to keep the mission in mind , innovate and explore, persist in the deep cultivation and meticulous work in the field of equipment diagnosis, join hands with industrial enterprises to build a better blueprint of smart factory, contribute to the cost reduction and efficiency of enterprises, and contribute to the construction of intelligent equipment operation and maintenance ecology.

About CE certification

"CE" stands for CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE. The "CE" mark is a security certification mark, which is regarded as the passport for the manufacturer to open and enter the European market. It is a mandatory certification mark in the EU market. Whether products produced by enterprises in the EU or products produced by other countries, in order to circulate freely in the EU market, the "CE" mark must be affixed to indicate that the products comply with a series of EU directives on safety, health, environmental protection and quality, which is a mandatory requirement for products by EU law.