Chinese New Year Union Keep wisdom in essence Advance bravely to 2019



Time flies like waters and never return, strive ahead and celebrate the beginning of New yaar. On February 2nd,the 2018 commendation and 2019 Spring Festival reunion meeting of EXPERT was held. All EXPERT people gathered together to celebrate the new spring, to discuss the development of EXPERT with one heart.Say goodbye to the fruitful 2018 and look forward to more glorious 2019.

Memory. The eventful years

Every time you look back on the past, is to pay tribute to the eventful years.

In this year, Nanjing EXPERT was formally established and became an important part of the overall layout of EXPERT. In this year, EXPERT won the national big data industry development pilot demonstration project and the Dayu water conservancy science and technology award, which strongly confirmed the company's solid technical strength and innovative genes. In this year,EXPERT successfully passed the CMMI3 level certification and the CE certification of the European Union, which brings EXPERT into line with the international standards in software development, project management, quality assurance and other aspects...

Struggle is the best way to pay tribute to the eventful years, along the way, EXPERT people adhere to the "blowing all the cold sand to see the gold" persistence, overcome difficulties, grinding out one after another scientific research achievements,countless sleepless night for the technical upgrading of the enterprise; Achievement is the best reward to pay without regret, we will remember all the honor and recognition, remember their own mission and responsibility, dedicated to study, only wish what I do is what the customer needs.

Praise Advanced model

Each time the recognition of advanced personnel, is to pay tribute to the power of example

They may dedicate to product research and development and technological innovation, or are stationed in the front line of the project, or know how to develop the market and build brand, or devote to the interpretation of the integrity of the service quality, they have different stories, However, they all have the ambition to forge ahead and lead the tide, with unremitting efforts and outstanding performance to hand over a worthy answer.

They are the epitome of the entire EXPERT people, who own no earth-shattering feat, only down-to-earth work; They are an example to all EXPERT people, drawing on the spirit of example to move forward, will be able to go hand in hand, to catch up, to go far.

Compose New gorgeous chapter

Every look ahead is a salute to the great vision

How far, for perseverance. With professional platform, solid strength, dedicated attitude, firm faith, EXPERT practices the mission of "make equipment run safely, efficiently in China" for many years.EXPERT has been deeply engaged in the field of equipment diagnosis and information management, and has gradually grown into a "smart factory" and "intelligent security" information technology service provider with mature research and development capabilities. Embark on the new journey of "second entrepreneurship", EXPERT people will still stick to it and pursue it assiduously. They will turn their noble vision into a beacon, boost the world's ambition with technological innovation, and stride forward in the tide of global intelligent industrial transformation.

In the past, the EXPERT people forged ahead and laid their foundations. Praise advanced personnel, EXPERT people are willing to sacrifice, forwarding sonorously ; Compose new chapter, the EXPERT people step firmly, and vow to climb the peak; we all wish that EXPERT will continue writing a higher-spirited and more exciting chapter of the new era.