Develop with data technology,win the future with intelligence



For deeply mining the potential value of industrial big data, EXPERT has carried out the integration and tackling of key problem of big data technology and intelligent diagnosis though integrating research force through school-enterprise cooperation. On January 28th, Deng ke, director of the center for statistical research at Tsinghua university visited EXPERT and discussed the landing mode of industrial big data in enterprise operation.It has been the second business discussion between EXPERT and Tsinghua University, the reunion of both sides bring new sparks and ideas collide, which opens up broad space for future in-depth cooperation and business connectivity.

At the application seminar, general manager Mr Li said that promoting the implementation and practice of big data technology in the industrial field will be an important work for EXPERT in 2019. On the basis of relying on the industrial big data platform, how to create more value for customers, how to break through the development bottleneck of the equipment diagnosis industry, and how to preferably transform this technology into products and services have become the company's focus and application direction in the next stage.

Then, Dr. Lei, the deputy general manager of the company, introduced to director Deng the progress that EXPERT has made and problems EXPERT has meet in the field of industrial big data in the past two years.He said that the company has successfully carried out the business application and project application of big data in China resources group and state grid investment corporation.In 2018, the "development and application of health optimization system for thermal power plant equipment based on big data" jointly applied by EXPERT and Tsinghua university stood out and was successfully awarded a national pilot demonstration project in the direction of "big data analysis and mining".Dr. Lei pointed out that while some results have been achieved, we are also facing many difficulties. We hope to achieve the application effect of hidden trouble detection, trend analysis, fault identification and diagnosis by working with Tsinghua university to promote the research direction of 3σ theory, variable point detection, portrait technology, etc., based on the historical operation data of equipment.

After listening to the introduction of big data research and application of the company, director Deng Ke said that professor Liu jun, director of the statistical research center of Tsinghua university, was very sure of EXPERT’s professional skills and qualifications in industrial data analysis, and gave great expectations for the cooperation between the two sides.

In the discussion session, EXPERT and the big data research center of Tsinghua university conducted in-depth exchanges on the difficulties and pain points encountered in the actual work process, and made Suggestions for finding the best solution. Deng stressed that, relying on the big data platform, EXPERT should condense business data and sample cases into the core assets of the enterprise, and truly form an orderly operation system of data collection, extraction, processing, analysis and update.

This is an era of "data changes enterprise decision-making and data improves human life". In the vast ocean of industrial big data, we will not be content to be submerged by it, but will be able to use it as a sail. Relying on solid technology research and development and integration and innovation ability, we will forge a giant ship in the industry and forge ahead. Tsinghua university strong alliance, which is bound to become a powerful engine fo EXPERT sailing. EXPERT will take this opportunity to remain standing on the crest of the wave of industry 4.0 and made in China 2025, join hands with more enterprises to build the new ecology of industrial operation and maintenance, and play a positive demonstration role in promoting the industrial application of big data in the industrial field.