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The 2018 world sensor summit was held in zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center from November 12 to 14. With the theme of "Perceive the world, wisdom wins the future ", the conference exhibited the achievements and system integration applications of smart sensors mainly applied in the fields of instruments and meters, smart power grid, water supply, chemical industry, aerospace, and medical treatment, bringing together nearly 300 domestic and foreign enterprises representing a high level of the global sensor industry.

At the sensor event, EXPERT made its debut with its own wireless sensors. With the remarkable advantages of high performance, high appearance level, low power consumption and small size, wireless sensor and its supporting products have attracted many manufacturers to visit and negotiate cooperation.

As a basic and strategic industry of national economy, sensor technology and its system industry is the source of the integration of informatization and industrialization, and plays a crucial role in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, developing strategic emerging industries. EXPERT understands industry trend, grasps the opportunity, relies on solid technical strength and innovation gene, deeply fuses the traditional data acquisition and wireless communication technology, independently researches and develops a series of wireless sensor products with the method of wireless transmission, wireless charging, which with comprehensive protection, accurate measurement, convenient installation, explosion-proof certification originality design, can be widely used in electric power, chemical, cement, water and other industrial equipment monitoring and equipment condition evaluation, become the "powerful assistant" of maintenance equipment assets of enterprises .

In the future, Zhengzhou will be shining on the national and international stage as "China's intelligent sensing valley". As the backbone of the local sensors enterprise, EXPERT will always adhere to the mission of "let the equipment runs safely and efficiently on the earth of China". With the attitude of "leader of sensor manufacturing industry ", EXPERT marches forwards, and deeply explores the effective value of sensors, assists industrial enterprises transmission and upgrading, and jointly promote the vigorous development of China's sensor industry.