The project combined with actual needs of Mengdian cement, to construct a complete data collection system for key equipment of the plant (class A), the main equipment (class B), common equipment (C), to establish "professional point inspection + online intelligent diagnosis" mode for information acquisition and processing, to realize digitalization, informatization and intellectualization of equipment management. Provide comprehensive data and information sources for equipment management of smart factory platform, which serve as the basis of analysis and diagnosis for management decisions, to realize the change of maintenance mode from planned maintenance, after maintenance to predictive maintenance, and complete the mission of efficient, safe and stable operation of equipment. The project is divided into four phases, involving 119 key equipment. A total of 1,550 vibration and temperature measuring points were installed, 357 DCS measuring points were introduced, and 186 data collectors were deployed:

  Phase 1: Feb 2016—Dec 2016,involving No.1 clinker production line and No.1 and No.2 finishing room;

  Phase 2: Nov 2016—Jun 2017, involving No.2 clinker production line;

  Phase 3: Aug 2017—Dec 2017, involving No.3 and No.4 finishing room;

  Phase 4: Dec 2017—Aug 2018, Involving No.3 clinker production line。